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This is the portal to the Cooling Economy!

Imagine a day in a person’s life that adds zero rise in earth’s temperature?

We at the Zero Degree Project wants to arrive at this day yesterday than tomorrow.

We call it a Zero Degree Day!

Zero Degree Day doesn’t exist yet. But, at the ZDP, we are creating a safe space for value conscious citizens to innovate and arrive at the first Zero Degree Day the soonest. We are developing processes, methods and algorithms to create and track Zero Degree Days. 

Every Zero Degree Day we add, delays, and possibly prevents, human extinction on Earth.

Ancient humans might have helped prevent our extinction by heating the earth from sliding into another ice age! It is now our turn, the modern humans, to prevent our extinction by cooling the earth from sliding into a Hothouse earth. 

We keep our shelter, our home, at a habitable temperature range for our body to function. We must do the same for Earth, humanity’s home.

Join us you innovators out there!  Zero Degree Day is our Moon Landing Mission of today! 

Let us build the rockets, the suits and the necessities to land on the Zero Degree Day!

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