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“The lifetime carbon dioxide emissions (or carbon budget) of the average young person today will need to be eight times less than that of their grandparents to restrict global warming to 1.5°C.

 . . .

​Young people are agents of change, our future leaders, and most likely to succeed in improving planetary health.

Thus, making investments to improve their mental health and wellbeing will provide dividends now and in the future.”

Source: 'Climate anxiety in young people: a call to action', The Lancet, Vol 4(10), Sep 9 2020, E435-E436


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Zero Degree Collaboratory community of scholar practitioners are engaged in prototyping of the cooling economy that regenerates the relationship between time, temperature, and capital. 


Together, we are developing algorithms for linking human bodily and socio-economic metabolic processes with climate temperature thermodynamically to generate essential direct feedbacks for scholar practitioners at the Zero Degree Labs and field sites so that they can innovate and measurably transition their Zero Degree time and capital allocations in the cooling economy.

The Zero Degree Collaboratory nurtures climate change frontliners by inviting them to innovate, prototype and share their cooling economy project findings at Zero Degree Labs.

We are currently inviting the next generation of climate frontliners who are currently high school students to form Zero Degree Laboratories at their high school to begin prototyping the cooling economy in collaboration with Zero Degree Platform.

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